As you are no doubt aware, more and more companies in the food industry are following an industry trend of having their products certified as Kosher. Products bearing kosher certification are sought after by many groups of consumers including observant Jews, vegetarians, Moslems, the lactose intolerant and others.

There are over 700 agencies that issue kosher certification and we can help you figure it which one will do the most for your company and increase your sales. The kosher market volume in 2006 in the US alone was $ 200,000,000,000 with 65% of all ingredients used in food productions kosher certified; an increase of 15% from 2005.

Our organization specializes in advising manufacturers, producers, and importers, on how to successfully sell their products internationally in the Jewish/ Kosher markets of Israel, the United States and Europe with many satisfied customers worldwide.

5 Steps To Receive Your Kosher Certificate:

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